“The Challenge” fans will finally find out who wins “Rivals 3” during the Wednesday, Aug. 3, installment, but until then, MTV has released a sneak peek for those who can’t wait for a taste of what’s to come in the final.

A scene from “Split Decision” shows Johnny Bananas and Sarah resting and out of breath after competing in one of episode 14’s several checkpoints before crossing the finish line. While taking shade under a big rock Sarah asks Johnny about what he plans to do at the conclusion of the Season 28 final. 

As previously reported, host T.J. Lavin revealed to the contestants in episode 13 that the best-performing players will have the chance to keep their team’s winning for themselves or share it with their partner. Sarah immediately made it clear she was worried Johnny would win and take the money for himself, but he refused to share his plans with her. It appears her upset will continue in the finale. 

The newly released clip shows Sarah commenting she and Johnny are tied with one win each but that it ultimately “doesn’t matter.” Johnny tells Sarah she needs to focus on the competition, and reminds her she was the one won who backstabbed him in “Exes 2” by sending him home ahead of the final. 

“Let’s be real,” Johnny says. “If anyone here has to worry about anyone f---ing them over you’re the one that has done it in the past, not me.”

“Your mind should be focused on us winning these challenges and winning the f---ing final,” Johnny continues, soon after giving Sarah the reassurance she’s been looking for. “We’re a team,” he says. “I don’t give a f-- what they said. We’re competing against them.” Sarah says she’s glad they’re on the same page.

Despite his comments to Sarah, Johnny makes it known to the cameras he’s worried Sarah’s intentions with the prize money might not be pure. “The only thing on Sarah’s mind is the end and the splitting up of the money,” he says. “The more a person is worried about something or is accusing you of something usually it’s because they’re a little insecure or nervous about themselves.” 

Johnny and Sarah will go head-to-head with two others teams in the Season 28 final. Vince and Jenna and Cheyenne and Devin are also competing for the first-place prize, the biggest in the show’s history, $275,000!

How will Johnny and Sarah place? Will they betray one another or go home with a shared prize? Tune in to “The Challenge: Rivals 3” finale Wednesday, Aug. 3, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. The “Rivals 3” reunion follows at 11:01 p.m. EDT.