Sarah Rivals 3
Sarah accuses her partner of having a “standoffish attitude” in a sneak peek of Wednesday’s “The Challenge: Rivals 3.” MTV

“The Challenge: Rivals 3” is rapidly nearing the finals but the twists just keep coming. As first teased in the midseason trailer of the MTV series above, host T.J. Lavin will soon announce to the remaining teams that they will have a choice to make at the end — keep the prize money for themselves or share it with their partner.

A promo video for episode 13, “Grapes. Wrath,” shares the twist will be announced during Wednesday’s installment. Before competing in a challenge, T.J. drops the bombshell on the contestants.

“You have the opportunity to make the most cunning move in challenge history,” he says in the preview. T.J. says the player who receives the most “points“ at the end of the final holds all the power. “Whoever has the most points will have a huge decision to make,” he explains. “You alone are gonna make the choice.”

All of the players appear uncomfortable by the money decision and Sarah makes it clear she’s unsure how her partner, Johnny Bananas, who she only just rekindled a friendship with, will react. “I don’t put anything past that guy,” Sarah admits, accusing her partner having a “standoffish attitude.”

“My mind is completely tied in knots,” Johnny tells the cameras

A sneak peek released during the “Mucho Mas” after show this week shares a little more insight into what’s ahead this season. T.J. is shown telling the remaining pairs that only three teams will be able to compete in the finals, introducing an immediate elimination challenge at a vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina. He says that the players will take turns picking corks inside a barrel, just like they’ve done this season with skulls in the jungle. If one player draws a black cork, their team is playing that day, but if both players draw white corks, their team is immediately going to the finals.

Nicole is shown picking first, but her result isn’t shown. However, the promo reveals she will compete with Dario and they will be joined by Johnny and Sarah. Will Cheyenne and Devin’s lucky streak continue? Fans will have to wait and see!

Johnny dished to International Business Times last month that the money twist is unprecedented and something viewers will definitely want to see.

“Leave it up to ‘The Challenge’ to always figure out some new, crazy, out there plot twist. What happens at the end of this season is unlike anything that they’ve ever done. Hands down,” he told IBT. “You either keep all the money or you split it,” he explained. “Whether that’s a team or a pair or however it works out.”

Elsewhere in episode 13, Cheyenne’s upset will continue. After telling the crew she wants to quit in last week’s installment, she will continue to yell she wants to “go home.” Her partner Devin will also start some drama in Argentina. The promo shows him arguing with Jenna and calling her a follower. She responds by telling him to “shut up” and letting him no one wants him there. While it’s unclear what will set Vince off, he is shown yelling and running out of a room as one of his cast member’s holds him back.

“The Challenge: Rivals 3” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.