Wednesday’s installment of “The Challenge: Rivals 3” was the end of the road for one team. After competing in an elimination challenge, one pair was sent packing as three others started the final in episode 13. Find out who went home and who took the lead during the first half of the MTV finale challenge. 

Will She Stay Or Will She Go?

When viewers left off in episode 12 Cheyenne made it clear was tired of taking Vince and Johnny Banana’s taunts and threatened to quit. “Grapes. Wrath.” picked up with Cheyenne asking a producer if she can purchase her own ticket home from Argentina. Teetering on wanting to quit, Cheyenne phones her mother and asks her what she should do. 

Devin says he can relate to his partner’s upset and decides to stands up for her in her absence. He slams his co-stars, accusing them of being followers and tells Vince he rode his cousin Johnny’s coattails in the game. At one point, Vince gets up and pretends to punch Devin. When security blocks Devin and Vince from getting close to each other, Johnny and Vince point and laugh in union at their co-star. After Devin scolds Sarah for not sticking up for Cheyenne, Johnny intervenes by pushing Devin and tells security to get him away from his partner. Devin responds by throwing water at Johnny.

When Devin goes to check on Cheyenne she reveals she’s going to stay in the game. Her mother told her not to let others bother her. Despite her decision to stay, Devin continues to fight. Devin calls Jenna a “sheep,” an insult which she confuses with a compliment, and she lets him know he will probably be eliminated the following day. Devin’s decision to call Jenna “dumb” results in him getting his second dosing of water — Jenna spraying him with a water bottle while he rests on his bed.


The following the day the final four teams head to a winery and the tension is noticeable. Johnny speaks first, saying he picks on everyone equally but Cheyenne comments she feels like they crossed a line. Everyone apologizes, including Devin, who says he came from a place of anger and that he simply wanted to “go to bat” for his partner. 

Elimination Challenge

At the winery they meet up with host T.J. Lavin. He announces there will be an immediate elimination challenge and one team will be heading home before the finals. He reveals the players will take turns picking corks out of a barrel — just like how they picked skulls in the jungle — to determine which two teams will be competing. 

Fresh off their jungle win, T.J. lets Nicole and Dario decide the order. They decide to go first to have a better chance of picking a white cork. While Nicole is successful during her turn, but Dario is not so lucky and picks a black cork. Sarah also picks a black cork, sending her and Johnny into the elimination challenge. T.J. announces the results mean Jenna and Vince and Cheyenne and Devin and officially going to the finals.

“Don’t Wine For Me Argentina” has the two teams racing to get six, full wine barrels back to the starting line. However, in order to find their hidden barrels in the winery, they must first answer a riddle. T.J. admits the elimination is one of the hardest they’ve ever had on the show.

The game starts off right away when both teams solve their first riddle at the same time. Dario worries Nicole won’t be able to carry the barrels. Sarah and Johnny also struggle carrying them but eventually come up with a strategy. Nicole tells the cameras it would mean a lot to her to win and prove everyone wrong and Johnny says he has just as much to prove with all the newcomers coming to the “Challenge.”

After hitting their stride in the game, Sarah and Johnny finish the challenge first, giving them a one-way ticket to the finals. Sarah gets teary-eyed when they complete the game, saying her team deserved to win. Despite having to compete, Johnny says he’s glad they pulled a black cork. Ultimately, Nicole says she thinks she and Dario would have done well in a final together.

The Night Before

The guys decide to take a break from hanging out with their partners and the girls also get together. Cheyenne says she’s “secretly freaking out” about the final and Devin says he wants to silence his critics. Sarah says she’s not worried about going through a final with Johnny because all of the issues they’ve overcome together. Meanwhile, Vince worries about having to get through an eating challenge with Jenna, knowing its her biggest weakness. 

Back at the hotel, Sarah announces she’s received a clue from T.J. The players find out they will start the final the following morning.

The Final Bombshell

T.J. meet the teams the following morning and lets it be known the area they’re visiting, Mendoza, Argentina, is known for its precious minerals. When T.J. recalls the first-place prize — a shared $275,000 — Sarah comments she’s hoping for a big win to pay for grad school and her future children.

Before the challenge begins, T.J. lays out the rules. He reveals the final will take the teams to the top of a 14,000 mountain, the highest peak ever featured on the show. To get there, the players must complete a series of checkpoints, each of which is a timed event, and receive a gemstone at each. The team with the best overall time will win “Rivals 3.” But, of course, there’s a catch.

 “You guys are rivals,” T.J. reminds the players. “You’ll also be playing against each other.”

T.J. says each player will be completing the challenges at the checkpoints alone. The player to complete the challenge first will get a point. Once they’re done with their own challenge, they may help their teammate to help their teams overall time. But that’s not all. T.J. also drops the bombshell that the player with the most points at the end will have the choice to share the prize money with their teammate or keep it all for themselves. 

“You have the opportunity to make the most cunning move in ‘Challenge’ history,” he says.  

Johnny immediately worries Sarah will backstab him again, the way he claims she first did in “Exes 2.” He says he doesn’t plan to give Sarah a chance to earn more points than him. 

First Checkpoint

The first checkpoint has the players untangling a series of wires which they then must connect to dynamite to blow up the ground and receive their first gemstone. 

Sarah immediately takes the lead and Johnny comments if she beats him on the first round he’ll feel mentally defeated. Shortly after, Sarah ends up getting the first point and goes on to help Johnny untangle his wires. Their team is the first to finish. As they wait on their co-stars to finish, Johnny tells the cameras he thinks one of them will have a tough decision to make at the end of the final.

“Johnny, you better f---ing split it with me,” Sarah warns her partner. 

“Why the f--- are you even thinking about that right now?” Johnny scolds her. “Stop thinking about that. You have any idea what we have to f---ing be focused on right now?” 

Sarah asks Johnny to assure her of his plans to put her mind at ease, but he doesn’t. “I don’t put anything passed that guy,” she says.

Cheyenne and Devin go on to finish second and Vince and Jenna come in third. Vince says the pressure is on for his team and Jenna takes the blame for coming in last place at the first checkpoint. 

Who will go on to win it all? Tune in to “The Challenge: Rivals 3” finale Wednesday, Aug. 3, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.