The U.S. government is highly vigilant about the possibility of al Qaeda agents seeking revenge for the murder of its former leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, the White House said.

According to media reports, al Qaeda earlier confirmed the death of bin Laden and vowed vengeance on American interests.

In a message posted on the jihadi website, al-Qaeda warned that bin Laden will be a “curse” upon the US and its allies.

We will remain extremely vigilant, White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters traveling with President Barack Obama aboard Air Force One.

We're quite aware of the potential for activity and are highly vigilant on that matter for that reason.’

Obama is scheduled to meet in private today with the US Navy SEALs team which carried out the operation to kill bin Laden in Pakistan at a military base in Kentucky.

Carney commented that: “I don't expect you’ll hear the President spiking the ball or gloating when he speaks to troops returning from Afghanistan today. The point he will make is that while the successful mission against Osama bin Laden was an historic and singular event, it does not by any means mean that we are finished with the war against al Qaeda. The fight goes on.”