Dallas continues to feel the effects of a winter storm and fans who were planning to fly into town for the game are reeling Friday after American Airlines and its regional carrier canceled 630 flights to and from the Dallas area.

It's estimated that over 100,000 people will be visiting town for the game and many are now scrambling to find alternate transportation to Dallas. American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said the airline was doing its best to return to full operations and was de-icing aircraft elsewhere in the country in places like Chicago.

Meanwhile, according to CNBC's Darren Rovell, the snow on the ground has had disastrous effects for party planners throughout the city. While the city of Dallas was using sand and magnesium chloride to hasten the snow's melting, employees at many of the sites where parties are scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights were struggling to find enough shovels, salt, and heat lamps to clear the sites of snow with the hope of retaining most of their guests.

There is no word how the weather is affecting emergency services, but Rovell did report that several Dallas-area cab companies were experiencing delays up to five hours and were only accepting passengers who were bound for the airport or a hospital.

UPDATE: According to the DallasNews.com reporter Scott Goldstein, seven people have been injured by falling ice chunks outside of Cowboys stadium, including one critically. Five of the seven were taken to nearby hospitals.

NFL spokesman says they have closed all by one entrance to the stadium--the truck entrance which was deemed acceptable because it is away from the building by a very safe distance.

As the temperatures rise in Dallas (weather reports anticipate a game time temperature of 60 on Sunday), melting snow and falling ice will become the latest in a string of weather-related nuisances for the Super Bowl city.