Ashton Kutcher has gone to beat CNN in gaining 1 million followers on the popular micro-blogging site, Twitter, in a battle between TV and Web media.

If he won, Kutcher had agreed to donate 10,000 mosquito nets to charity in time for World Malaria Day on April 25, a donation he reckons will cost $100,000.

His 1 millionth follower was @Sinnersatre100 who will become the star in Electronic Arts upcoming video game The Sims 3 and will receive a free copy of every single game EA makes in 2009.

The challenge between Kutcher and CNN began earlier this week when he realized he had only about 50,000 fewer Twitter followers than the cable news network -- each had more than 800,000.

I just found it astonishing that one person can actually have as big a voice online as what an entire media company can, Kutcher said in a video he posted online. He then vowed to ding-dong ditch CNN founder Ted Turner's house and post the video of the prank online.

In his victory speech, Kutcher said, We can and will create our media. We can and will broadcast our media. We can and will censor our own media ourselves. We are over a million.