The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is known for its biting humor, particularly targeting the 24-hour news media and Washington politicians.

But host Jon Stewart has been put in a pickle lately when he's had to address Rep. Anthony Weiner's (D - New York) photo scandal. To many who follow the show, it's a little-known fact that Stewart and Weiner are long-time friends.

In a recent episode, Stewart even put the question of him covering the story in full view when he put an angel and a devil on each of his shoulders -- one to make him hold back on the story, and the other to pursue the humor of a Capitol Hill sex scandal.

After Weiner's tearful confession at Monday's press conference, it will be interesting to see how Stewart reacts. The Daily Show is of course a comedy show, but it frequently strikes a serious tone, while also making an effort to be respectful of sensitive topics.

It will be interesting to see what angle the program takes. Does Stewart offer his personal take on Weiner's character? Does he back his friend in his difficult time? Does he criticize Weiner for his indiscretions?

Aside from this ugly and embarrassing incident, Weiner has been known in Washington for being a straight shooter. Even during his press conference, he didn't ask cast blame, but took responsibility.

It's also possible that Weiner will openly suggest to his comedian friend that the program not hold back in their criticism -- that he deserves the public lashing he will no doubt receive from the mass media.

There will no doubt be many viewers who will be eager to see how The Daily Show handles this murky situation.