A once promising political career torn apart by scandal will finally come to an end today as Rep. Anthony Weiner will resign in his Sheepshead Bay office where he first launched his campaign for City Council in 1992.

The Brooklyn Democrat's revelations he sent sexually explicit texts and photographs to several women online and by phone lead him to his decision, friends close to Weiner said.

Staffers in his House office were seen clearing their desks and locking the door behind them. His decision comes as top Democratic leaders had planned to strip him of his committee assignments and make an effort to force him out.

Weiner had previously told friends he wanted to consult his 11 week's pregnant wife, Huma Abedin, before making a final decision.

Abedin, returned from a diplomatic trip with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Wednesday.

Weiner phoned House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and campaign chairman Steve Israel, last night to notify them of his decision, while they were at a White House picnic.

The scandal that brought down Weiner began in May when he sent a photograph of his groin intended as a joke to a college student in Washington--which was followed by lies and claims he was hacked.

Weiner once considered a shoe in for City Hall confessed at a news conference last week that he had inappropriate contacted half a dozen women on Twitter and Facebook as well as by text message. 

President Obama also issued a public rebuke saying if he were Weiner I would resign.