American actress and singer, Selena Gomez, who is currently on tour in Canada is reportedly very busy with her band. However, the week is only going to get busier for the 19-year-old singer, who will soon be on her way to Northern Ireland, to host the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) in Belfast in November.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Who Says singer revealed her preparations for the awards night and spoke about the pressure of being the youngest-ever host.

I'm really looking forward to it. It will be really fun to be on the hosting side of it and get to perform so it will be different for me and my band. I think it is interesting to have my fan be involved, to bring a whole different audience, said Selena Gomez, when asked how she felt about being the youngest host ever for the EMAs.

The former Disney star also said that while she was busy with her tour in Canada, she plans on a lot of rehearsals once she is in Ireland (which is very excited about).

When asked what fans could expect from this year's show, she said, With the promo that we released, it's kind of the direction I want to go in. There will be fun and different and things people have never seen me do before.

Though she added that she couldn't reveal too many details about the night, she told THR that she and her team were working on creative skits.

As far as her styling was concerned, she said, I think I have a five-hour fitting or something ridiculous like that scheduled and we are going to go through that. We're going to try different outfits that I've never worn before and it's definitely going to be more about the fashion when it comes to my clothes and stuff.

The teen-aged diva who says she is nervous about the night is all eager to see Coldplay perform.