Pregnant “Little Women: LA” star Elena Gant scared her friends Terra Jolé and Tonya Banks when she didn’t show up to a get-together. Before their meeting, Elena was diagnosed with preeclampsia, a serious condition that sometimes affects pregnant women. It can lead to serious complications for mother and baby. Sometimes it’s fatal.

In a new sneak-peek clip posted by Lifetime, Terra and Tonya worry about their friend when she's late to their meeting. “Maybe she’s stuck in traffic or something,” Tonya says. “I don’t know.”

Terra reveals she recently got into a fight with Elena, who is pregnant with twin boys. “She’s tripping me out,” Terra says. “I fought with her the other day about driving. I don’t think she’s taking the whole preeclampsia seriously. I really don’t.”

On a previous episode it was revealed Elena, who is originally from Russia, was diagnosed with preeclampsia. In a confessional to the camera, Terra explains the ailment. “Preeclampsia is extremely high blood pressure that is triggered by pregnancy. It can cause a stroke, it can cause heart failure. It can cause seizures,” she says. “It can even cause death and Elena’s been brushing off the preeclampsia like it’s nothing.”

The friends try to call the pregnant reality star twice but she doesn’t answer. “Elena, you’re making us worry,” Tony says. “She never, ever doesn’t pick up,” Terra says in the background. “I don’t know why she’s not answering.”

She adds to the camera: “This is the first time that Elena has been a no call, no show. Something has to be wrong.”

Terra then tells Tonya, “With the preeclampsia, death is one of the side effects.” The video then cuts to Preston, Elena’s husband, calling Terra’s cellphone. Elena is back in the hospital.

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