While many Parisians are in mourning after terrorist attacks killed at least 129 people and wounded hundreds more Friday, others have turned to social media to combat terrorism by showing they are not afraid to keep living. Just one day after the deadly attacks, people began posting photos of themselves “en terrasse” in cafes and restaurants around the City of Light.

Many of the posts included messages of support for the city and its citizens, as Parisians encouraged each other to keep their heads up and appreciate the spirit of the French capital. A comment on a New York Times article about the attacks in Paris was also widely shared for its sentiment capturing the resilience meant to be communicated through the hashtag.

“France embodies everything religious zealots everywhere hate: enjoyment of life here on earth in a myriad little ways,” the comment read. “No country does life on earth better than the French.”

“Paris, we love you. We cry for you. You are mourning tonight, and we with you. We know you will laugh again, and sing again, and make love, and heal, because loving life is your essence. The forces of darkness will ebb. They will lose. They always do,” the commenter added.



In the hours after the attacks, French officials put the city of Paris on lockdown as they worked to identify victims and find information about the assailants. In the days since, world leaders have met to discuss a plan for fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the terrorist group who claimed responsibility for the attacks. French President François Hollande told a joint session of the country’s parliament Monday that “France is at war” and that his country will win the fight against ISIS.

“Our democracy has prevailed over much more formidable opponents than these cowardly assassins,” Hollande said, according to the New York Times. “Our Republic is not within the reach of despicable killers.”

Still, many in France have been working to stay positive, and have continued posting photos of themselves and friends enjoying Paris to show they are not afraid in the face of terrorist attacks.