Today is the day, my sweet jailbirds, when the second season of the hit Netflix series, “Orange is The New Black,” airs. We know, we know – it’s been a long, miserable 11 months without our favorite ladies from Litchfield. But finally, after a wait that seemed longer than Miss Claudette’s jail sentence, Season 2 is here and ready to blow your mind.

So, when and where can you watch the gripping sophomore series created by Jenji Kohan? Well, you can catch the entire second season (yes, all 13 episodes) when “OITNB” streams on Netflix at 12:00 a.m. Pacific time/ 3 a.m. Eastern time.

Won’t be by a TV at that time? No problem. You can watch the Season 2 premiere from your computer, mobile device, iPad or any other Netflix-enabled device. Talk about convenient!

For those who aren’t familiar with the Netflix App, which allows you to tune into steaming with an account, here’s how it works:

“Netflix streaming software enables you to watch instantly content from Netflix through any Internet-connected device that offers a Netflix application,” Netflix explained, adding that the software may vary by device and medium.

“For example, this software may be embedded in a Netflix ready device or we may offer this software as an application to be downloaded onto a device such as the Apple iPad. The use, warranties and limitations of this software is governed by our Terms of Use.”

If you’re lacking a Netflix account, don’t freak out! You can sign up for one today for $7.99 a month or try the on-demand Internet steaming media for a 30-day for free trial.

Think you’re ready to watch Season 2 of “OITNB” now? Almost! We’ve just got a few more things to tell you:

You can catch up on what happened during the first installment of the Netflix series by reading our recap of Season 1 here. This will give you a quick understanding and informative grasp of what went down during the freshman series by noting the most vital moments (yes, .gifs are included).

After you read the summaries for each episode, try taking our “OITNB” quiz here to see how well you really know “OITNB”. Think you’re the show’s biggest fan? Prove it!

How are you preparing for "Orange is The New Black"? Will you be binge-watching the entire Season 2? Let us know in the comments section below -- we'd love to hear from you!

CORRECTION: This article was changed from 12 p.m. EDT to 12 p.m. PDT.