Jinger Duggar’s wedding date has been shrouded in secrecy since she and Jeremy Vuolo announcement their engagement in July, but it appears their big day may not be too far off.

“When do you think Jinger and Jeremy will tie the knot?” the Duggar Family Blog, run by friends of the “Counting On” stars, asked readers in a post titled “Duggar Wedding #4 Coming Soon” Monday. The post pointed out that Jinger’s sister Jessa Seewald had a 11-week engagement, while Jill Dillard remained engaged for 12 weeks before tying the knot. “Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been engaged for 12 weeks,” the post went on to point out.

Is that a sign Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding could be happening sooner rather than later? It seems fans will have to wait and see. The blog reports the couple, who have repeatedly described their relationship as being on the “fast track,” have chosen not to make their date public.

“They decided from the start to do their celebration a bit differently than Jill and Jessa did,” writes the blog. “Rather than hosting a huge event with more than 1,000 guests, the future Mr. and Mrs. Vuolo desire for their special day to be shared only by family and close friends.”

While Jinger and Jeremy are keep official details on their nuptials hush-hush, they haven’t been keeping their planning a secret. Jeremy announced on his Facebook page in August that he and Jinger were in the midst of figuring out details about their wedding. Jinger went on to reveal in September that she and her siblings went on a wedding-planning trip, prompting speculation they could be tying the knot near her and Jeremy’s future home in Texas.

“I am so blessed to have so many wonderful sisters to share this process with. Since we have done a few already, we got the hang of it,” Jinger captioned a shot of her and sister Joy-Anna Duggar in a hotel.

Jinger and Jeremy most recently updated fans on their wedding plans last week, writing they were engaging in premarital counseling. “There is LOTS to do when it comes to getting ready for a wedding. Most important thing is not to forget to get ready for the marriage,” Jeremy wrote on Facebook, revealing his father, pastor Charles Vuolo, is acting and his and Jinger’s counselor.

Jinger and Jeremy’s engagement episode only just played out on TLC’s “Counting On.” Tuesday’s Season 2 installment will see the couple celebrating with family and friends post-proposal in New York City.