The last eclipse of 2011 is another total lunar eclipse.

It will occur on December 10, 2011 at the Moon's descending node in eastern Taurus, four days after apogee.  The Moon's orbit takes it through the southern half of Earth's umbral shadow.  Although the eclipse is not central, the total phase will still last 51 minutes.

Here are the timings of the major eclipse phases:

Penumbral Eclipse Begins:   11:33:32 UT

Partial Eclipse Begins:     12:45:42 UT

Total Eclipse Begins:       14:06:16 UT

Greatest Eclipse:           14:31:49 UT

Total Eclipse Ends:         14:57:24 UT

Partial Eclipse Ends:       16:17:58 UT

Penumbral Eclipse Ends:     17:30:00 UT

The entire event will be visible from Asia and Australia.  For North Americans, the eclipse will be in progress as the Moon sets, with West Coast observers having the best view of the eclipse before moonset. Observers throughout Europe and Africa will miss the early eclipse phases because they occur before moonrise. None of the eclipse will be seen from South America or Antarctica.

The Moon's path through Earth's shadows as well as a map illustrating worldwide visibility of the event is shown in HERE.

Photos of the June 15th total lunar eclipse can be seen HERE