Although the only got engaged weeks ago, it looks like Nikki Bella and John Cena may have a specific date in mind of when they plan to get married.

On Thursday, the Bella Twins Twitter account retweeted an interview Nikki Bella had with Entertainment Tonight in which she spilled details about her upcoming wedding. In the interview, not only did Bella hint at a time frame on when she plans to walk down the aisle, but she also revealed some of her fiance’s ideas and teased whether their big day would be televised.

“It’s been crazy the past few weeks since getting engaged. I know I want to take my time, like, at least maybe do a year out. We’re still trying to plan the date,” Bella explained about her wedding.

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The WWE star revealed that she wants to enjoy the moment with her fiance. “It’s hard with our schedules, ‘cause I want John and I to be able to enjoy it for a week,” she said.

However, the wrestler did reveal that she isn’t sure whether or not fans will be able to enjoy her wedding with her. “You know, I feel like we’ve brought everyone on this journey,” Bella said referring to the presence of cameras on her big day.

Despite the undecided decisions about her wedding day, Bella has revealed that Cena has been helpful in making one big decision: bridesmaids. “This is what I was telling John, I’m like, ‘John, am I too old for bridesmaids?’ and he’s like, ‘No,’” she said.

The wrestler confirmed that she will definitely have two bridesmaids, but any additions to that are still up in the air. Nonetheless, it looks like Bella and Cena’s wedding day is shaping up to be one that the couple will definitely remember.