Forget your matching couples Halloween costume for just a second because Xur is back in "Destiny." The mystery merchant known as Xur is back to sell all sorts of exotic items and wares. As always, the Agent of the Nine doesn't wait around for window shoppers, which means he'll be arriving Friday at 5 a.m. and packing up shop Sunday at 5 a.m. EDT. Let's see what scary goods Xur has up for sale this weekend.

 Xur didn't travel far this week in the Tower, his usual pop-up shop destination. Inside the Tower, the Agent of the Nine can be found along the left-hand side near the Crucible. While Xur didn't bother to be elusive, he made sure to have a few great items that may be perfect for your next raid. Check out what items Xur has for sale below:

  • Weapon: Zhalo Supercell
  • Helmet: The Taikonaut
  • Helmet: Graviton Forfeit
  • Chest Armor: Alchemist's Raiment
  • Legacy Weapon Engram: Special Weapon
  • Glass Needles
  • Three of Coins

As of Friday, it doesn't look like Xur will be doing anything special for Halloween. "Destiny" does have a bunch of holiday-themed emotes and quests. Fans can pick up a Zombie Dance, Monster Dance or Boo emote. There are also themed "Festival of the Lost" where you can collect some unique masks.

Will you be spending your strange coins this weekend?