The funeral home that took care of Whitney Houston's body has denied taking the photo of the singer in her casket and said it, as well as Houston's family, are angry at the National Enquirer for publishing the last photo of their personal friend.

The National Enquirer published the photo of Whitney Houston in her casket on the cover of this week's issue and its publisher has called the photo beautiful. The National Enquirer has not revealed how it got a hold of the photo.

While the criticisms mount against the tabloid, Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, N.J., has said that it was not the funeral home that leaked the photo to the media.

[The media] are getting me in the middle, a spokeswoman for the Whigham Funeral Home told E! News. I am very angry, very upset, just like the family, just like the fans.

We don't like it because it implicates us, she added. Whitney was a personal friend to me and my family. We would not do that.

Houston died suddenly at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Feb. 11. The National Enquirer published the photo of the singer with the headline Whitney: The Last Photo! and promises a look inside her private viewing with an arrow pointing to Houston in the casket. The viewing was held at the funeral home.

Accompanying headlines on the cover read that Houston was buried in $500,000 of jewelry and with gold slippers on her feet.

The photograph does not bear a credit, and The Enquirer is not releasing any details about how they obtained it. No one from Houston's family has called the photograph out as fraudulent.

I thought it was beautiful, National Enquirer publisher Mary Beth Wright told of the photograph.

The beautiful photo has garnered much criticism from fans, celebrities and news publication, which have noted that the tabloid has gone too far.

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