When Katie Couric began dating a man 17 years her junior her relationship became a topic of much discussion.

The 54-year-old ABC News Special Correspondent met Brooks Perlin, 37, at a cancer research fundraising event in 2006. Her former husband died of colon cancer in 1998 and since then Couric has been involved in fundraising for the cause.

Couric suffered another tragedy when her sister, Emily, also passed away from pancreatic cancer in October 2001.

Now her five-year relationship with the young stud has come to an end.

A representative for Couric has confirmed with US weekly that the two have split and that Perlin is currently moving out of Couric's Upper East Side townhouse in New York City.

Couric's friend reportedly told the magazine that it was the 54 year old who decided to ends things with the young stud.

Brook's a nice guy, but it was inevitable because they had different priorities and perspectives, and their age difference made it a challenge, too, Us Weekly quotes the friend. Katie is someone who is incredibly versatile and accessible and in high demand. She's available and back on the market.

The New post has also reported that the Couric and Perlin will remain friends.

But the breakup seemed inevitable.

The Post reported that in May, Couric hinted to People that things could be heading south.

I am in the process of figuring out the future, and so is he, Couric said. I am really happy in my personal life . . . but it is complicated.

At time they met, Couric said that Perlin asked her to dinner and that it was direct and natural.

He's incredibly kind, caring and sensitive . . . Even if we are not on the same page all the time, I like being in his space, she once said of him.

So who is this kind, caring and sensitive guy that Couric decided to part with?

- According to the Post, Perlin is a CFO at Eco Supply Center, a green building distributor.

- People.com said Perlin is also an athletic.

- Perlin is a prep school-educated son of a rich Connecticut family.

- He worked in finance for several New York City hedge funds.

- Perlin attended Williams College, where he played on the tennis team.