Following his acquittal of murder in the death of his Tinder date Warriena Wright, Australian man Gable Tostee has managed to offend several people. Tostee, 30, is scheduled to appear on an episode of “60-Minutes on the Nine Network” set to air Sunday in which he shares details about the woman's death, BBC News reported Monday.

Tostee and Wright, 26, met through the popular dating app while the woman was in New Zealand for vacation. The two returned to his apartment where their argument turned physical. Tostee reportedly locked the woman on the balcony, where she later fell to her death.

Following a week-long trial that took place in October, Tostee was found not guilty of manslaughter and murder in Wright’s death. Notions that Wright was so terrified of Tostee that her only escape was off a balcony was dismissed by jurors.

During the trial, an audio recording was played that captured Wright and Tostee arguing leading up to the moment of her death in 2014 in which she fell off the balcony of his apartment located on the 14th floor. During the 199 minute recording, Wright was heard saying the word “no” 33 times.

"I restrained her to stop her from attacking me," Tostee said in a preview clip of the “60-Minutes on the Nine Network” interview. "I don't know what else to do. I wanted it to stop," he stated.

His words echoing that of his attorneys’ who argued that Tostee was justified in using "reasonable force" to subdue the “increasingly erratic” woman. A neighbor also told authorities that they could hear Wright crying in Tostee's apartment. “No, no, no, please let me go home,” she said.

A senior detective who worked on the case expressed their displeasure with the upcoming interview. “It’s disgusting,” the official told The Courier-Mail. “There’s a lot of anger among police about this. Of course we respect the court’s decision to find him not guilty but for him to now do a paid interview, after everything this poor girl’s family has been through, is horrific. It might be legally okay but for Tostee to profit from Warriena’s death is morally repugnant.” 

Tostee is reportedly receiving six figures for the exclusive interview the officer called a “sad indictment” of the media.

"If #60minutes had any credibility left it has lost it paying for #Tostee interview Can't believe he profits from her death as well," one upset Twitter user wrote.

"Stayin' classy 60 Minutes," Facebook user Carry-ann Mudford wrote. "I am sure that Warriena Wright's family are disgusted at your lack of sensitivity," she stated.