Pokémon GO is taking the gaming world by storm but it looks like the latest update is causing a huge problem, forcing players to restart the popular game all over again.

The new update, v0.31.0 not only fixes minor bugs but it also allows players to re-customize their Avatars from the trainer profile screen at any point in the game, according to Android Headlines. Prior to this, players only had the option to customize their Avatars at the beginning of the game.

The latest update features improvements like the ability to lock your favorite Pokémon from accidentally transferring, security warnings discouraging trespassing and driving during gameplay and much more.

Despite all the bells and whistles that come with the new update, there are some serious drawbacks. After downloading the new update players have reported that it has erased all of their progress forcing them to start over.

Players were outraged and began demanding that the company refunds them the money that they have spent during gameplay or reverse back all of the game progress.

Some players have also reported that upon reaching level 20 of Pokémon GO, they were directed back to level 1 to restart the game because of the new update.

The update has also removed footprints of nearby Pokémon, players no longer have the luxury of knowing the estimated distance of the Pokémon from their location.

Even though there has been some serious complaints about the updates, all hope isn’t lost. Some players reported that they were able to resume the game where they left off by using an alternative email to sign in.

The Pokevision Twitter handle which tweets constant updates about any game issues revealed that it is standing behind Niantic’s decision to update the game.

Since the update, players have continued to tweet at the companies demanding a resolution.