Children play Pokemon Go in Central Park as Pokemon Go craze hits New York City, July 29, 2016. Getty Images/Michael Loccisano

Even while hacking group OurMine took the credit for a DDoS attack on "Pokémon GO" on July 17, bringing down the game’s servers for several hours, another lesser-known hackers’ collective called PoodleCorp claimed it had also launched a DDoS attack on the game’s servers on July 16. While the claim could not be verified, many users had reported problems in reaching the servers that day.

And the day after posting the above tweet, they promised to do so again on Monday, Aug. 1.

And to remind us, just in case we forgot their threat, the leader of PoodleCorp, XO, posted this a few hours ago.

They also put a reminder on their Facebook page that said: “Get ready! A couple of hours till August 1st. #PoodleCorp #PokemonGO.”

The hacking group has come into the limelight recently after it took down some prominent YouTubers, and users on Reddit, participating in a discussion titled “Who is poodlecorp??” did not seem to reach any conclusion behind the group’s motivations.

After the July 16 DDoS attack, Mic spoke with XO who told the website: “We take the servers offline because it is popular right now and nobody can stop us. ... We do it because we can, nobody can stop us and we just like to cause chaos. We chose August 1 so we have time to relax and not care about doing anything.”

Their chosen method, DDoS, stands for distributed denial of service and works by bombarding a server with more requests than it can handle. For Monday’s attack, they plan to use “a massive botnet consisting of about 600,000 devices ranging from DVRs to routers to cameras to computers to dedicated servers.”

XO also told Mic that no member of the hacking group played "Pokémon GO."

For now, there seems to be no trouble with the game, however, according to Down Detector.