Will this beer get you banned from the Olympics? BrewDog's new, limited-edition India pale ale, "Never Mind the Anabolics," is laced with tons of ingredients that are sure to get professional athletes banned. BrewGod listed them as "creatine, guarana, lycii berries, kola nut, Gingko, matcha tea, maca powder, and steroids."

BrewDog is known for its ridiculous marketing campaigns and high-strength beers. Its most famous beer, "The End of History," clocked in at 55 percent alcohol by volume and was packaged inside taxidermy squirrels. A beer containing steroids almost seems tame by comparison.

However, according to PR Examples, the beer sold to the public will not contain actual steroids.

"It turns out, having spoken to somebody involved with the campaign, that only the first batch of beer contains steroids -- the ones being sold to the public will not contain steroids, though they still contain the other substances athletes are banned from consuming. My concerns were simply because it's illegal to sell steroids in the UK, though legal to buy them for personal use," Rich Leigh at the the site reported.

Regardless of the content of anabolic steroids, BrewDog sees its newest beer as a protest against the rampant commercialization of the Olympics, especially by fast-food companies and other purveyors of unhealthy foods.

"It is about time the greatest sporting event on the planet was not sponsored by fast-food companies, sugary fizzy-drinks producers, or monolithic multinational brewers," BrewDog said on its website. "A burger, can of fizzy pop, and an industrial lager are not the most ideal preparation for the steeple chase or the dressage (for human or horse)."

"Never Mind the Anabolics takes its lead from the relentless marketing campaigns of global fast-food chains and international mass production breweries that replace the sporting spirit with a fast buck, a greasy burger, and an ugly plastic cup of insipid, fizzy, yellow lager," BrewDog's press release stated.

Watch the promotional video for the beer below.

Never Mind the Anabolics from BrewDog on Vimeo.