Fifty years ago today, NBA great Wilt Chamberlain shocked the basketball world with a 100-point game, and now Twitter users around the country are paying tribute to the star baller and asking whether we'll see anything like Chamberlain's feat again.

Chamberlain, then with the Philadelphia Warriors accomplished the feat on this day in 1962 with a 100-point performance against the New York Knicks, which led to a 169-147 Warriors victory.

No NBA player has surpassed or matched Chamberlain since and the basketball great has five of the top seven highest scoring performances in the league's history.

Wilt Chamberlain is trending on the micro-blogging site 50 years after his historic performance and provoked discussion as to whether we will ever see a player score 100 points again.

Wilt Chamberlain was the most dominate basketball player. Ever. Yes, Ever, tweeted Jean-Jacques Taylor, sports columnist for

Hats off to Wilt the Stilt, tweeted U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W. Va.)

Happy 50th anniversary to the greatest single game performance in NBA history- Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game, said @18trinacria.

Just read a whole bio on Wilt Chamberlain.. Dude was UNREAL!, tweeted @UnoDos_O_o.

The Twitter account for ESPN SportCenter was asking the Twitterverse if any users think Chamberlain's record will ever be broken.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant came the closest to Chamberlain's record in a November 2006 game against the Toronto Rapters when Bryant scored 81 points.