The Season 2 premiere of “Witches of East End” will surely blow you away when the Maggie Friedman drama returns to the small screen Sunday, July 6. Or at least, that’s what the leaked promo for the sophomore season based on Melissa de la Cruz’s book suggests with its nail-biting promo.

In the quick 10 second trailer fans of the Lifetime series get their fair share of thrills when the theme of Season 2 gets revealed:

“Darkness is rising,” the promo hinted as Marilyn Manson’s eerie hit “Beautiful People” blared in the background. But that’s not all we learned from the chilling clip. Rachel Boston, who plays the role of Freya Beauchamps’ older sister Ingrid, wakes up in distress during the first few seconds of the promo.

After a dramatic gasp the witch walks towards the door looking around suspiciously. Moments later, Freya gets thrown back onto the bed with a gust of wind and leaves. But nothing is ever really “just the wind” – especially in TV thrillers – right?

So, what is this “darkness” that “Witches of East End” is talking about? Well, according to a previous report, the synopsis for Season 2 revealed that the upcoming storyline is focusing around darkness that will spread throughout East End when a new stranger comes into town. Fans have speculated that this mystery person is Christian Cooke, that actor who will be portraying the role of Frederick, Ingrid and Freya’s brother.

“This season, with the portal to Asgard open, what comes through will forever change the lives of the Beauchamps. Joanna is still weak with poison in her blood as the Beauchamps search desperately for a cure. With the death of Penelope, Killian and Dash’s warlock powers return," the summary explained.

Are you excited for Season 2 of “Witches of East End”? For more scoop, check out spoilers here and make sure to tune back for more updates on the mystical series before the Lifetime drama premieres this summer.