WWE “RAW” will air on a tape delay Monday night due to the show being filmed at  the Birmingham LG Arena in Birmingham, England. WWE.com has posted a series of teases for tonight’s event.

Referee Brad Maddox, who low-blowed Ryback in his WWE Championship match against CM Punk and affectively cost him the title, will be addressing the WWE Universe. The ref has already found himself at the center of staged controversy: On the Sept. 17 episode of “RAW” he called that Punk was pinned in a match against Sheamus and John Cena, though the Straight-Edge Superstar’s foot was on the bottom rope.

The event was part of the storyline painting AJ Lee as a poor General Manager of “RAW.” He was also the referee of a match with a real error; the Divas battle royal that saw Katilyn wins the No. 1 contenders position for the Divas Championship, which Eve Torres was supposed to win.

Now Maddox will be addressing fans, as well as the man he stole a title reign from, Ryback.

“What will John Cena do next?” asks WWE.com. A valid question being that the Cenation Leader has been out of action for over a month, and currently has no place in the main event.

This is the first time that Cena hasn’t been a part of WWE’s top billed rivalry in a long time, with CM Punk feuding with Ryback and Mick Foley at Survivor Series. The main event of the November pay-per-view will be team CM Punk vs. team Foley, and Cena is notably absent.

WWE.com alludes to Cena’s confrontation with Dolph Ziggler last week, which could mean that the 10-time WWE Champion could face off against the Showoff in the near future. That kind of feud could work for Ziggler and push him as a main event performer, even if he loses, and could set him up as a top he if he wins.

A challenger for Big Show’s World Heavyweight Championship will likely be presented tonight on “RAW.” There’s a good chance that the challenger will be Sheamus in a rematch at Survivor Series, being that the Celtic Warrior is due a shot to gain his title back and that the two men put on a show stealing performance at Hell in a Cell.

The WWE Tag Team Championships haven’t been focused on the way they are now in years, and Rhodes Scholars are likely to stay in the tag team spotlight. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow are being teased to keep fighting for the bronze belts, so the intellectual duo will likely be injecting themselves into Kane and Daniel Bryan’s business.

The final question in WWE.com’s “RAW” preview is “What is WWE Champion CM Punk’s strategy for Survivor Series?” It could be any number of things, but don’t doubt for a second that it will be revealed tonight.

CM Punk plays a smart villain, and he and is manager Paul Heyman wouldn’t let such an important secret slip so early. Mick Foley has assembled quite the team, which includes Ryback, to face Punk and his four teammates, and the traditional Survivor Series match will be a treat for fans come Nov. 18.