Kumail Nanjiani was so excited to start his new gig on “The X-Files” that he just had to let Twitter know what he was doing. The “Silicon Valley” actor shared a few photos from set of Fox’s science fiction reboot.

In a picture with stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, Nanjiani is seen wearing an animal control officer uniform. He didn’t share exactly what his role would entail, but he seems to be getting along with Anderson and Duchovny behind-the-scenes. In a photo on Instagram, Duchovny is seen blowing into his ear.

Nanjiani also tweeted a look at the binder new actors on set get when the start on “The X-Files.” While most actors wouldn’t bother to share something so trivial, Nanjiani knows what “X-Files” fans want to see (which is often absolutely everything). He hosts “The X-Files Files,” a podcast dedicated to the show, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Anderson even let the actor get some material for his podcast. When she and Duchovny started to tell stories about the past, she allowed the guest star to record their conversation for his listeners. Nanjiani told fans that their chat would likely be posted soon.

It seems Nanjiani isn’t the only fan that “The X-Files” hired for its revival. Fellow comedian Rhys Darby is also in the episode. The New Zealand-born actor posted a picture with Nanjiani on Instagram and noted how elated they both were to be on the show. The actors are just a couple of the guest stars who will appear in the six-episode revival. Joel McHale will join the cast as a news anchor while Mitch Pileggi will reprise his role as Walter Skinner.

The actors aren’t the only ones who are excited. Ever since Fox announced that “The X-Files” would return to television, sci-fi fans have been buzzing. Even small things like photos of call sheets and UFO props have enthused fans. Of course, all of the set photos are nothing compared to the teaser trailer that Fox released. The 16-second video only shows a few flashes of Mulder (Duchovny) and Scully (Anderson), but after a 13-year absence, any new scenes are exciting. Watch the teaser video for “The X-Files” revival below:

“The X-Files” premieres on Fox on Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016.