The truth is out there -- outside Vancouver that is. Past the limits of the Canadian city, further into British Columbia and about an hour from the town of Kamloops, “The X-Files” crew is busy at work snapping up exterior shots of a sizable UFO crash site for the Fox reboot.

According to the Vancouver Sun, part-time acting coach Gareth Smart caught the alien invasion in action as “The X-Files” team filmed in Cache Creek. There are spoilers ahead for any “X-Files” purist, but be prepared for the series to bring in the aliens. The Sun reports that the scenes filmed in Cache Creek have been filmed at nighttime and Vancouver likely standing in for the New Mexico town of Roswell.

Smart posted more photos of the picturesque locale on his Facebook page. "It's my understanding that they are filming a whole whack of stuff at night," he told The Vancouver Sun. Smart added that “The X-Files” crews working in the remote British Columbia area were also staying nearby.

Vancouver was the mothership film set for “The X-Files” during its first five seasons. The show went off the air after nine seasons back in 2002. The miniseries event will reunite the famous FBI paranormal investigators Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) for the first time since the big screen spin-off, “The X-Files: I Want To Believe.”

When filming began on June 8 both “X-Files” stars Anderson and Duchovny started to share their own snapshots from the set. The pair behind Mulder and Scully were busy posting pictures of their scripts, chairs and different work mundanities to their social media accounts. Even the show’s official Twitter account joined in on the viral party.

Precious little outside the cast and crew's Twitter timeline is known so far. Fans still have questions about where the series taking the couple’s story next. But before filming began on “The X-Files” reboot, Duchovny struck down dating rumors that were swirling about the two stars.

“The X-Files” is set to premiere in a six-episode special beginning Jan. 24, 2016 on Fox.