If the new reports are to be believed, Microsoft’s highly anticipated console, the Xbox 720, will compel owners to stay connected to the Internet all the time if they wish to take part in the next-gen gameplay which the console will provide.

The rumors have actually come from “multiple sources,” who have claimed that the company is employing this method as a way to put an end to digital piracy, which is such a prevalent problem at the moment. Apart from that, the next-gen console will also have a Blu-ray drive, which is quite contrary to the previous rumors (it was earlier believed that the 720 would ditch the traditional disc drive).

Elsewhere, more intriguing news from VG247 has suggested that Microsoft is targeting a Christmas 2013 release for its Xbox 360 successor. Moreover, the Xbox 720 (codenamed “Durango”) will have “four or six” cores to the Xbox 720 CPU, one of which will be reserved for Kinect and the other for the OS. The device’s graphics card is also believed to be similar to AMD’s 7000 series and that the next generation of Kinect will be built into the device as standard.

The news has just arrived after last week’s PlayStation 4 rumor story, “Playstation 4 To Be Called ‘Orbis’ on Release”. Find out what we know so far about the rumored Xbox 720 in the link below.

Xbox 720 Launch Imminent? What We Know So Far