Microsoft has now unveiled the Xbox One, its next-gen gaming console that also aims to be the central focus of your living room as a means to watch TV and movies, listen to music, check fantasy stats while watching live sports, and much more. However, the new Xbox One will soon face stiff competition from the PlayStation 4, which Sony introduced in February but plans to finally reveal in three weeks at E3. The two will be fiercely fighting for your attention, your adoration and your dollars.

While we're far from knowing all the details of both systems, we can take a look at the information we have thus far. Here, we line up the available specs of both consoles to get a sense of how they'll stack up against each other. Here's what we know:

                                   Xbox One                                                              PS4         

CPU                         8-Core AMD CPU                                         8-Core AMD Jaguar        

Graphics     N/A (Possibly AMD Radeon 7790)                            AMD Radeon

Memory                         8GB                                                                8GB GDDR5                             

Hard Drive                   500GB                                                                   N/A   

Blu-ray                           Yes                                                                      Yes

Wi-Fi                           802.11n                                                             802.11b/g/n

Camera                         1080p                                                              1280 x 800

HDMI                              Yes                                                                       Yes

Bluetooth                        N/A                                                        Yes (Bluetooth 2.1 EDR)

USB                              USB 3.0                                                                USB 3.0

Gigabit Ethernet            Yes                                                                         Yes

Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 will ship with 8-core AMD processors. Both will have AMD Radeon GPUs and both will have 8GB of memory. Both systems will have HDMI and USB 3.0 connectors.

The Xbox One will come with a 500GB hard drive, though it's currently unknown whether the hard drive will be of the mechanical (slower but cheaper) or solid state (much faster but more expensive) variety. Just to give you an idea, 500GB mechanical hard drives can be had for well under $100, while the cheapest 512GB SSD we can find on Newegg is going for $289.99. So, the Xbox One will probably have a mechanical hard drive. We don't yet know how big the PlayStation 4's hard drive will be and what variety it will come in. However, Sony has officially indicated that the PS4's hard drive will be "built-in." Thanks for clearing up that mystery, Sony.


The Xbox One and the PS4 both will have Blu-ray drives and 802.11n Wi-Fi support. The Xbox One's camera will sport a 1080p lens, while the PS4's image resolution will top out at an inferior 1280 x 800, though that's an improvement over the current PlayStation Eye camera accessory for PS3, whose max resolution is 640 x 480. The PS4 will ship with Bluetooth 2.1 EDR and while Bluetooth for the Xbox One has yet to be officially mentioned, we assume that it will be included, considering that the previous-gen Xbox 360 supports the wireless gear-binding tech.

So to this point, the Xbox One and PS4's specs look pretty similar. This tells us that the consumer will likely decide whether to buy the Xbox One or the PS4 based on the games and unique features that will be available for each platform. This means that variables like franchise exclusivity (Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation vs. Halo for Xbox) and overall game lineups will mean more to each competitor than ever, as well as special features like DVR, exclusive content and more.

It's also possible that many gamers have already made their decision based on their past experiences. Those that bought a PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and a PlayStation 3 while steering clear of other platforms will probably get a PlayStation 4 no matter what. The same goes for long-standing Xbox devotees.

What do you think of the available specs for the PS4 and Xbox One? Are you surprised that they're so similar? Do you think it matters? Sound off in the comments below.