Looking forward to the release date of the Xbox One this Friday? You can now download the Xbox One companion app, Xbox One SmartGlass, which went live in the Windows Phone Store on Tuesday morning. The app is free, but currently only available to Windows Phone users; Microsoft will soon release iOS and Android versions of the Xbox One SmartGlass app to the iTunes Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

Similar to the capabilities of the Xbox 360 SmartGlass, the Xbox One's version of SmartGlass will allow users to browse and navigate the new console's software interface without picking up a controller. Xbox One players can also use the app as a universal remote to connect to other apps they choose to download on the Xbox One, as long as they have SmartGlass functionality. The SmartGlass app will also allow some Xbox One players to use their phone as a keyboard and mouse, granting them access to manipulate apps on their television.

If subscribers are not at home, they can use the app to search for interesting content and pin subjects of interest to their Xbox One. They can also monitor the achievements of their online friends, seek help during difficult challenges in games, watch video game footage from other players and send messages to Xbox Live contacts.

The Xbox One SmartGlass app will soon be available in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store, but the featured links on Microsoft's Xbox One SmartGlass website are not yet live. Do you currently use your SmartGlass app with your Xbox 360? Will you use the new app with your Xbox One?