Microsoft has revealed prices for the Xbox One's controller, headset, battery charger, Xbox Live Gold as well as a controller/charger bundle on its site.

The standard Xbox One controller will cost $59.99. The headset will run you $24.99, same for a rechargeable battery pack for the controller. Microsoft also offers a controller bundled with the rechargeable battery pack for $74.99.

Finally, the price of a one-year membership for Xbox Live Gold will stay the same: $59.99. Check out the photo below.


Note that the Xbox One ships with one wireless controller, but does not include a headset. The Xbox One is also not compatible with Xbox 360 headsets, though you can talk to your friends and communicate via Kinect, which will ship with every Xbox One. Meanwhile, the PS4 will support previous-generation wireless headsets.

Microsoft is working on an adapter that will allow you to use Xbox 360 headsets with the Xbox One, but we're willing to bet that they'll be sold separately. It's also worth noting that the Xbox One controller is $20 more expensive than the standard Xbox 360 controller, which is currently priced at $39.99.

What do you think of the prices for Xbox One peripherals? Does the price gap between the Xbox 360 controller and the Xbox One controller bother you? Why or why not? Do you think the adapter for Xbox 360 headsets will be sold separately? Why or why not? Are you surprised that Xbox Live Gold's annual price will be the same? Sound off in the comments below.