A complete version of Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft’s official Xbox One software development kit (SDK) has been reportedly leaked online, according to the hacker group H4LT’s Twitter page. The leak could provide opportunities for developers to concoct homebrew modifications for the eighth-generation console. Currently, those hoping to create games for the Xbox One must have their software approved by Microsoft using the SDK.

The group claims there’s no “definite exploit” that would allow developers to bypass this, but it encourages users who are familiar with Windows 8 to dig into files that can provide more data. H4LT claims these files will allow for “creativity and research” in the gaming community.

H4LT tweeted screenshots showing the SDK’s files to Microsoft’s official Xbox account.

Hey @Xbox, we have something we want to share soon. #HALT pic.twitter.com/6VF3pYQsuU

— H4LT (@notHALT) December 28, 2014

Hey, @Xbox! We thought we'd drop on by and End 2014 with a Bang ;) https://t.co/dQH9CIPrb0

— H4LT (@notHALT) December 30, 2014

This is another blow for Microsoft, which also saw its Xbox Live gaming network taken down on Christmas Day, a DDoS attack that frustrated many players and saw repercussions that lasted for several days.