Serious dieters would know by now that it’s only fat that causes one to gain weight. This is why there is a rising trend toward low sugar and low carb diet programs—because one of the greatest impediments to weight loss is really the amount of sugar we consume. 

Most of us immediately go on a high veggie and high fruit diet the moment we decide to start a weight loss journey. However, not all types of fruits and vegetables are meant to help you succeed. There are veggies, in particular, that are still very high in sugar content that they will do nothing to support your weight loss goals.

That’s not to discount the fact that vegetables are healthy in general, but if you’re trying to stick to a low sugar diet, there are certain types that you should avoid. 

1. Beets

Most people think that bingeing on beets while on a diet is a good move—but when you find out its sugar content, you will want to keep it away. One cup of cooked beets contains 3.4 teaspoons of sugar, or up to 8 percent of the required daily value (RDA).

2. Sweet corn

One of the most consumed veggies but actually one of the highest in terms of sugar content is sweet corn. One cup of cooked kernels contains 2.3 teaspoons of sugar, or 9.1 grams.

3. Carrots

A cup of chopped carrots contains around 1.5 teaspoons of sugar (6.1 grams).

4. Sweet potatoes

This is one of the highest when it comes to sugar content, though most dieters use sweet potatoes to replace bread and rice when they’re on a diet. One cup of mashed sweet potatoes contains 3.5 teaspoons worth of sugar. Note that regular potatoes may have less sugar, but they have higher carbohydrate content—so it’s best to steer clear of both.

5. Peas

A cup of cooked peas can have as much as 2.4 teaspoons of sugar, or 9.5 grams.

6. Squash

A cup of cooked winter squash has about 1.7 teaspoons worth of sugar. It’s higher when it’s canned. The same goes for pumpkins.

7. Red cabbage

Because red cabbage is like a leafy vegetable, it’s often mistaken to be an ally for weight loss. However, this variant actually has 3.4 grams of sugar per cup, chopped. It’s not as high as the others, but if this is what you’re bingeing on to lose weight, it’s time to switch to the actual green and leafy stuff.

8. Tomatoes

One cup of ripe and cooked tomatoes contains about 6 grams of sugar, equivalent to 1.5 teaspoons.

9. Red chili peppers

Red chili peppers contains more than 400 percent of the RDA for every 100-gram serving, with a cup containing 5 grams of sugar. Orange, red and yellow bell peppers are sweet, but they actually contain around 2.4 grams of sugar only.

10. Onions

One of the most common veggies in the world, yet not many know that it contains some 4 to 5 grams of sugar per medium piece. It’s at its highest in green tops, with 4.96 grams on average, and in white sweet onions, with 5 grams each.

Vegetables Vegetable plants, salads and peppers. Photo: Getty Images/Ludovic Marin/AFP