If you're looking for the highest paying jobs in the United States, head straight for California. Nine of the 10 companies that pay top dollar for employees are located in the Golden State, according to the 2019 jobs survey by job search engine and review site, Glassdoor.

But, if you're in senior high and are deciding on your future career, choose to be a physician. Doctors are currently the highest paid professionals in the U.S., topping even tech pros.

The Glassdoor survey also reveals the company that pays the "mostest" isn't one of those top-of-mind tech firms like Google, Apple or Facebook. Employees are paid the highest at Palo Alto Networks, Inc., a 14 year-old multinational cybersecurity company based in Santa Clara, California.

The median total salary paid by Palo Alto is $170,929 a year. That compares to second place NVIDIA, which paid $170,068 and third place Twitter at $162,852.

Rounding out the top 10 are Gilead Sciences ($162,210); Google ($161,254); VMware ($158,063); LinkedIn ($157,402); Facebook ($152,962); Salesforce ($150,379); and Microsoft ($148,068).

Except for Microsoft all the other nine are based in California. Microsoft makes its home in nearby Washington State, which goes to prove the West Coast remains the hotbed for tech and high-paying tech jobs in the U.S.

Amazon and Netflix  aren't counted among the top 25 highest paying firms in the U.S., according to Glassdoor.

As for jobs, the highest paying is physician, which has a median base salary of $193,415 a year.  Glassdoor noted the four highest paying jobs are all in healthcare, which confirms the strong demand for healthcare employees.

On the other hand, the highest paying tech job was "Enterprise Architect" at $122,585 annually. This job was also the fifth highest paying job on the Glassdoor list. Three of the top 10 highest paying jobs are in tech.

The 10 highest paying jobs in the U.S. for 2019 are Physician ($193,415); Pharmacy Manager ($144,768); Dentist ($142,478); Pharmacist ($126,438); Enterprise Architect ($122,585); Corporate Counsel ($117,588); Software Engineering Manager ($114,163); Physician Assistant ($113,855); Corporate Controller ($113,368); and Software Development Manager ($109,809).

Glassdoor said healthcare jobs are the second most common next to tech among the highest paying jobs. In past job surveys, Glassdoor said it found that company culture and values, trust in senior leadership and career opportunities matter most when it comes to keeping employees satisfied in their jobs.

This means that while salary is a factor to consider when determining where to work, it shouldn’t be the only information used to make this very important decision.

doctors An Idaho doctor is speaking out after removing an 6-pound lymphangioma tumor from the side of a young man’s face. Pictured above: A surgeon and his theatre perform surgery at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital on March 16, 2010 in Birmingham, England. Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images