NASA has detected one of the largest asteroids to approach Earth this month. In addition to the massive space rock, two other asteroids are headed for the planet this weekend.

According to NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the massive asteroid that’s currently approaching Earth has been identified as 467317 (2000 QW7). First observed on Aug. 3, 2000, CNEOS noted that this asteroid is currently traveling at a speed of over 14,300 miles per hour.

The agency estimated the asteroid to be about 2,133 feet long, making it bigger than the Burj Dubai, which is known as the tallest man-made structure in the world.

Given its massive size, 467317 (2000 QW7) is certainly capable of causing a high level of destruction if it breaches Earth’s atmosphere and collides with Earth. If an impact event happens, this asteroid would wipe out an entire city and create a crater that’s several miles wide.

According to CNEOS, 467317 (2000 QW7) is set to approach Earth on Sept. 14 at 7:54 pm EDT. During this time, the asteroid will fly past the planet from a distance of 0.03564 astronomical units or roughly 3.3 million miles away.

Aside from 467317 (2000 QW7), Earth will also be visited by two other asteroids this weekend. One of these is the asteroid 2019 RT. As indicated in CNEOS’ database, this asteroid is moving at a velocity of over 37,000 miles per hour and is about 266 feet long.

CNEOS predicted that 2019 RT will enter Earth’s vicinity on Sept. 14 at 3:13 am EDT. The agency expects the asteroid to approach the planet from a distance of 0.03518 astronomical units or around 3.3 million miles away.

The other asteroid that’s set to fly near Earth has been identified as 2019 QR2. Traveling at a speed of over 38,000 miles per hour, CNEOS noted that the asteroid has an estimated diameter of 164 feet.