• Steam is currently hosting hundreds of free demos as part of Steam Next Fest
  • The demos can be played any number of times unless otherwise specified
  • Steam Next Fest will run until June 22

Over 700 game demos are currently available on Steam as part of the Steam Next Fest, an annual celebration where less prominent game developers take the popular gaming platform’s spotlight for themselves.

The sheer number of demos available is daunting and they cover almost every genre imaginable, which makes sifting through the catalogue quite overwhelming. To make game searching a little easier, here’s a short list of some of the best and most interesting game demos available on Steam that players can download right now.

“Severed Steel”

This fast-paced FPS mixes the creative kill system of “Bulletstorm,” the slow-mo shootouts of “Max Payne” and the hectic stunts of “Double Action: Boogaloo.”

Severed Steel” is an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true. Play as a one-armed sharpshooter and use the game’s fluid movement system, destructible environments and bullet time mechanics to storm through wave after wave of enemy soldiers powered by a dynamic squad-based AI.

“Death Trash”

Death Trash” takes the beloved tropes and mechanics of old-school RPGs and combines them with the fluidity and responsiveness of modern games. Players will get to explore a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world filled with mutants, bandits, giant lumps of sentient flesh and plenty of personality.

Made by a single person, “Death Trash” faithfully pays homage to RPG classics like “Fallout” and “Shadowrun” while forging its own identity as a morbidly grotesque yet charming game.

“Terra Nil”

For fans of colony sims and city builders, “Terra Nil” is an excellent choice. This game is a “reverse city builder” where players have to turn a dead world into a green paradise.

“Terra Nil” is a peaceful and relaxing title that can reward a player’s reclamation efforts with a satisfying feast for the eyes.

“The Riftbreaker”

The Riftbreaker” is a hodgepodge of genres that somehow manages to land perfectly on its feet. Play as a scientist in a giant mech suit tasked with creating a two-way portal between Earth and a lush, alien planet known as Galatea 37.

The game takes the technically complex base building and tower defense mechanics of “Factorio” and pits it against massive hordes of aliens in a scale similar to “They Are Billions.” Create finely-tuned, highly-efficient factories and arm the Riftbreaker's mech with overwhelming firepower to stave off the unending swarm of hostile aliens.

The Riftbreaker will have players defending against large swarms of hostile alien creatures
The Riftbreaker will have players defending against large swarms of hostile alien creatures EXOR Studios