According to reports in tech websites, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 handsets sold 40,000 units on Monday, the day they were launched in the U.S.

The first day report card only gives an ambivalent outlook of the prospects of Microsoft’s putative challenge to market leaders Apple's iPhone and Google's Android.

It was reported on Monday that one of the devices, HTC's HD7 phone, sold out on the first day suggesting the Windows Phone 7 had got off to a blazing start.

However, compared to the stunning numbers shored up iPhone and Android, Windows Phone 7's show on the first day looks unimpressive to many.

Industry strategist Michael Cote told TheStreet that Microsoft’s strategy of launching the Windows Phone 7 with nine devices must have confused people. He says the models are mostly similar and all are priced $200.

The lukewarm reception by gadget lover has also given rise to speculation that the prices of the devices could also be pushed down to increase their competitiveness.