In a bizarre car crash that took place in Nisku, Alberta, Canada, on Monday, five people were arrested at the scene, none of whom were wearing any clothes.

The incident took place at 9:30 a.m. local time (11:30 a.m. EST).

It all began when a man, woman and a six-week-old baby from a Leduc County home were forcibly dragged into a car by some kidnappers. The man was trapped inside the trunk of a car, from which he managed to escape. The woman also fled with her infant a little later.

The family was rescued by a Good Samaritan who gave them a ride in his truck. However, the suspects chased the truck down and rammed it from behind. As a result of the collision, their car ended up in a ditch, near an industrial park on Township Road 510, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police revealed, CBC News reported.

Following the crash, when the RCMP arrested three adults and two youths, who were prime suspects in the kidnapping of the Leduc County family, they discovered that all of them were naked. It is important to note that at the time when the incident took place, the temperature outside was below freezing and the sides of the road were covered in snow.

Although the two youths were released thereafter, charges such as kidnapping and resisting arrest are pending against them. "The RCMP believe that this was a targeted incident and that all parties were known to each other," the police statement said.

Furthermore, RCMP said in a news release Tuesday: “Charges are pending against the adults for kidnapping and resist arrest. Investigation remains ongoing into several other components of this incident.”

Although investigation into the strange incident is currently going on, police have inferred that drugs and alcohol might have played a role in the crash. A witness at the scene, Dustin Harutko described the bizarreness of the entire incident, as he saw it when he was coming back from a supply run at the time, Global News reported.

“There was a big commotion, cops everywhere,” he said. “Car in the ditch and it looked like they were trying to get in the car, they were all surrounding it. All of a sudden, they got in the car — I think they ripped the doors off — then I saw bodies come flying out and they looked like they were wearing really light clothing until they were closer to me and I realized they were all naked.”

Harutko also added that the RCMP were a little aggressive while placing the suspects in their custody because they were resisting arrest. “They [police] ripped them out of the car, they threw them into the snow and had their knees on their backs. It looked like the girls were resisting arrest, so they were getting pretty aggressive,” he said.

According to the witness, there were 15 RCMP vehicles on the scene. “Just a wild morning… It was just crazy,” Horutko said. “If I didn’t have the picture, no one would have believed me.”

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