A few months ago, several sites reported that Apple is toying with the idea of using a switchable 60 HZ/120 Hz refresh rate display for its iPhone 2020. This will reportedly enable a smoother and flawless user’s on-screen experience. However, DigiTimes is reporting today that several industry observers think a lot of 5G-era smartphones will use upgraded displays capable of up to 120 Hz refresh rates reigniting speculations that the iPhone 2020 will feature ProMotion display technology.

But, the site also claims that it remains to be seen if Apple will indeed adopt a 120 Hz refresh rate screen on its iPhone 2020. The launch of 5G introduces hardware upgrades to support related apps and services. It is anticipated that more 5G smartphones with displays offering higher refresh rates will be released.

The article released by the tech site based its prediction on the rate of more than 120 Hz panels in the gaming notebook sector. Observers believe that this has exceeded 30 percent and is still climbing up. This prompted panel makers to get into the segment and develop panels with refresh rates ranging between 120 Hz and 240 Hz.

Several Chinese smartphone brands are already planning to roll out models with a 120 Hz display refresh rate in 2020. Google Pixel 4 features a 90 Hz screen refresh rate, and Sharp even released the Aquos R3 with a 120 Hz refresh rate. With the iPhone 2020 having a similar screen refresh rate without draining, the phone’s battery would be a good selling point for Apple.

The Cupertino-based tech giant is already utilizing a similar display in its iPad Pro models with the moniker ProMotion. This feature dynamically adjusts the device’s display to the movement of content for fluid scrolling, smoother motion, and greater responsiveness. It also conserves the battery life of the device.

The Apple iPad Pro models, however, use LCD panels instead of OLED panels, and several rumors claim that Apple will complete its transition to an All-OLED device with its iPhone 2020.