Back to school
It's back-to-school time. Reuters

College starts in just a few more weeks, and while enjoying the rest of summer is definitely a priority it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll need during the semester.

Below are seven tech must-haves for back-to-school 2015, to make sure you’re prepared.

1. Anker mini portable battery pack

Anker mini portable battery
Anker's mini portable battery pack is perfect for charging your phone while in class. Anker

$9.99 US through Amazon for the black version, $19.99 for blue, pink, silver or gold.

There is nothing worse than getting half-way through classes and having a dead battery on your phone, especially if you plan on being out well after you’ve finished at school.

Instead of making the trek back home, or frantically rushing around asking people for a charger, carry a mini portable battery like the “Anker 2nd Generation Astro mini External Battery,” it’s light, easy to carry and charges via the provided micro USB cable.

The Anker mini apparently gives more than a full charge for an iPhone 6, almost a full charge for a Samsung Galaxy S6 and at least one full charge for most other smartphones. Just remember to charge up the battery at the end of the day.

2. 11-inch MacBook Air 1.6GHz 256GB

MacBook Air
The MacBook Air has decent speed and storage for things like written assignments. Apple

$1,049 through the Apple Education Store, or $28.14 per month for 48 months through the Citizens One Payment Plan (subject to terms).

Being able to work whenever and wherever you want can be one of the highlights of going back to school, just imagine sitting on the grass outside while finishing that assignment and thinking of everyone stuck inside.

The MacBook air has decent speed and storage for basic things like written assignments, while also being light enough to not give you neck and shoulder pain from carrying it around all day.

Apple also has a deal at the moment: Buy a MacBook Air (alongside other MacBook products) with a valid student ID and get a free pair of Beats headphones. The deal goes until Sept. 18 and you have two choices, either the Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones (black, white, red, blue, gray or pink) or Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones (gray, silver or gold).

3. "Heroes of the Storm"

Heroes of the Storm
"Heroes of the Storm" is a new MOBA game from Blizzard, it's free and great if you want a quick game in-between work. Blizzard Entertainment

Free with a Blizzard account. In-game purchases of characters, skins and mounts are available for real money. Characters can be purchased with in-game gold gained through playing.

"Heroes of the Storm" is a multiplayer online battle arena game, featuring characters from across the Blizzard universe. The great part about it is that games are usually much shorter than other MOBAs, often lasting around 20 minutes, meaning you won’t feel as guilty for procrastinating.

A great way to reduce stress and save money, you can play on your new MacBook, no expensive console required.

4. G-Tech 1TB Portable Hard Drive

G-Tech Drive
Having an external hard drive is one way to avoid those 7 a.m. meltdowns on assignment hand-in day. The G-Tech is sturdy, just make sure to get the 1TB. G-Tech

$79.95 for the special edition 5,400 rpm through the Apple Education Store.

Because there is nothing worse than finishing a big assignment only to find that it is gone the next day for some unknown reason (like you forgot where you saved it or managed to accidentally delete it).

The G-Tech hard drives are sturdy, fast and reliable, plus getting that Apple education discount is definitely not a bad thing. For a removable hard drive always go 1TB or more, you never know what you’ll need to put on it!

5. Spotify Premium

Pick up Spotify Premium for $4.99 with a valid student ID and skip those annoying ads. Spotify

$4.99 a month for students with a valid ID.

For those moments when you just need to cool down and relax, or for pumping up at the gym or during your run in between classes. Premium is the way to go if you won’t always have an internet connection (you can make playlists available offline); it is also good if you like to shuffle through songs and because no one ever really wants to listen to ads.

Spotify also recently launched “Discover Weekly” a tailored playlist just for you, released every Monday so you can find new music based on what you already like.

6. Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge
The Fitbit Charge is one way to keep on top of your fitness and get your call notifications. Fitbit

$117.49 through Amazon.

For those of you who don’t go to the gym on a regular basis (or even for those that do), keep track of your steps and calories burned every day because sometimes we don’t realize just how much we’ve actually done. Also great for motivating you to do more.

The Fitbit Charge also gives you the time and call notifications.

7. Belkin 12-Outlet power board with surge protection

Belkin 12-Outlet power board
To ensure you never run out of spaces to charge your devices, pick up the Belkin 12-Outlet power board. It has surge protection, which is always a good thing to have. Belkin

$19.50 on Amazon.

You can never have too many plugs, especially if you’re living in a dorm. Surge protection is always a bonus, just in case the weather decides to go crazy in your area.