Verizon dropped the price of the HTC Rezound to $99 on contract recently, and it's now the same price as the iPhone 4. The best Verizon smartphone deal can be found here, but it depends on what you're looking for in a new phone. Even though both of these devices cost much less than Verizon's flagship class of $300 phones, they are great choices with excellent features. In fact, the Rezound only debuted at the end of 2011, and it was originally $300.

As for which one you should choose, go to the Verizon store and try them out because they feel very different in the hand. The iPhone 4 is made of metal and glass, and the phone overall is quite thin and light. Rezound's back adds a soft plastic feel to the battery cover, but it's much thicker and a bit heavier than the iPhone, so that could be a deciding factor for some. Part of the reason it's heavier is because the screen is nearly an inch larger than the iPhone's, however. It's about five millimeters thicker and nearly 40 grams heavier. Additionally, their cameras are both above average, and the Rezound has more memory and more storage capacity.

As mentioned above, the Rezound has a bigger screen, but it's also got even better resolution. Rezound has one of the best displays on any smartphone, including the iPhone 4S. It's a true HD display and it is packed with pixels, so even when zooming out on text, the tiny letters appear smooth. However, that excellent display combined with its 4G LTE antenna make it a bit of a battery hog. Apple is known for their phones having good battery life, so if the next iPhone comes with 4G capability, it will be interesting to see how well it does on battery life. This is important because in reality, most of the 4G smartphones don't have excellent battery life, so it's not just an HTC thing.

Rezound also integrates the Beats Audio technology inspired by Dr. Dre, and there's a good pair of iBeats ear buds that are included in the box. Rezound is on HTC's list of devices scheduled to get the Android 4.0 update, but there is no timetable for when that will happen. In the end, this is a tough call because we recommend the iPhone 4 over many Android devices, even newer ones. But in this case, the Rezound just has too many features to come in second to theiPhone 4. Rezound wins this smartphone shootout, but tell us in the comments if you'd still pick the iPhone 4 anyway, and why.