The Brazilian Air force confirmed on Sunday the recovery of three additional bodies of passengers who were on board flight AF 447 after it disappeared into the Atlantic a week ago.

The discovery brings to five the number of bodies found from the flight AF447, which was carrying 228 passengers and crew.

The air force confirmed other bodies have been spotted in the area and ships are being sent to recover them.

The Brazilian Air force said the genders of the new bodies were not ale to be identified, officials also declined to describe the condition of the new bodies found.

French investigators say it is too early to conclude what caused Flight 447 to crash in stormy weather. However, they are considering the possibility that the plane's airspeed instruments may have been faulty.

If a plane's speed sensors are not working correctly, they can make it go too fast, or too slow, causing disastrous results.

The five bodies are expected to arrive at Fernando de Naronha on Monday.