As record-breaking wildfires rage across Northern California, Airbnb has stepped up to offer some of their locations as free shelter for residents fleeing the flames. Effective from Aug. 20-Sept. 10, the promotion offers users in these regions, including the Bay Area, access to renters offering their rental spaces for free.

However, in order to make use of this philanthropic offer, users will have to go through a verification process. The first step involves submitting documents proving residence at an effected address, such as a lease or a driver’s license, or which prove that one is visiting the area and staying in an endangered area, such as a hotel reservation. Then, Airbnb will verify the documents, usually within 24 hours, and once approved it will invite the user to book their free shelter.

“The host might ask additional questions before accepting your reservation, and you may need to contact a few hosts before your stay is confirmed,” the company’s site explains.

The program is known as “Airbnb Open Homes” and was established in 2012 to operate in regions blighted by disaster. The company claims that thousands of renters have taken part in the program over the years.

As of Thursday evening, the Open Homes page featured a note stating that requests in Northern California had been paused. The note explained that this was to allow the company to find more renters willing to offer their spaces.

Fire retardant hangs in the air in Healdsburg, California
Fire retardant hangs in the air in Healdsburg, California GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / JUSTIN SULLIVAN