Two Airbnb hosts, one in New York and another in Ohio, had to deal with nightmare renters who threw huge parties and charged hundreds of other partygoers for admission.

Nicko Feinberg, who owns the home in Rockland County, New York, told WABC he rented his place to one person for one day. He came back to see his home left with broken glass and staircase, as well as cracked bathroom tiles and a leaking jacuzzi. Feinberg also found footprints on his bathroom walls and a broken fireplace. He said $800 cash, a laptop, iPad and PlayStation console were all stolen.

The massive damages to his large riverfront home after the New Year’s Day party equate to $100,000.

Feinberg said he had rented the home under one sole condition: no parties. That rule was not followed by the 23-year-old renter who advertised the party at Feinberg’s home. The renter charged men a fee at the door while women went in for free.

A police report seen by WABC said authorities were called over a noise complaint. Cops found more than 300 people inside Feinberg’s home and more than 100 cars parked outside.

Videos of the party were later discovered on social media. The party-throwing renter was charged with disorderly conduct.

While Feinberg was mad at the renter, he was mostly angry at Airbnb. He said he had a hard time tracking the service about the incident.

"It was very frustrating. They were probably my first call. Even before the police. Unfortunately for whatever reason I was disconnected once or twice," Feinberg told local media. "I finally got a hold of someone who was basically telling me to log onto the web portal and start a complaint via filling out their online form. Which was a little frustrating to hear, because it wasn't like I was simply missing a blow dryer."

The platform told WABC in a statement:

"Our original handling of this case fell below the high standards we set for ourselves. We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior, we have permanently banned this individual from our platform and we are fully supporting our host under the Airbnb Host Guarantee program. We are also reaching out to local law enforcement to offer our assistance with their investigation. There have been over 260 million guest arrivals in Airbnb listings to date, including nearly 3 million on New Year's Eve, and negative incidents are incredibly rare."

International Business Times has reached to Airbnb.

Airbnb Renters Trash Ohio Home

At a home in Seven Hills, Ohio, another renter also threw a massive party on New Year’s Eve weekend, forcing the homeowner to lock himself in his room for safety. The renter invited people via Twitter and charged $5 a person, a police report seen by local station WJW said.

Police were called to the home and saw more than 250 people jammed inside the house, with barely any place to move.

“I observed several people throwing up where they stood and heavy damage to the home,”  the police report said, according to WJW. “People broke open the front windows and began pulling out the windows, as police entered the basement several people broke out a basement window and exited through the window.”

It took law enforcement officials from five local police departments about an hour to shut down the party and clear the area. The homeowner said his entire house was damaged. The renter is now facing charges.

Homeowners that rent their places through Airbnb are protected by a host guarantee. The policy covers each booking for up to a million dollars in damage.