• Apple's AirPods work great with an iPhone
  • The AirPods, however, can also be paired with a MacBook Pro
  • There are two ways to pair AirPods with the MacBook Pro

Apple's AirPods work great with iPhones. They easily pair with the handset, allowing users to listen to music, play music or tell Siri to do some tasks, without a lot of effort. Indeed, Cupertino's pair or truly wireless earbuds make using the iPhone better.

Not a lot of people, however, know that AirPods can be paired with a MacBook Pro. Pairing the audio device to the portable workstation will allow users to enjoy the conveniences that it brings to iPhone users, but with the addition of being able to listen to whatever they are watching or doing on the laptop device.

Here are some instructions for those who want to pair their AirPods to a MacBook Pro, courtesy of the folks over at Apple Insider.

If using the same Apple ID on an iPhone and MacBook Pro

Those who use the same Apple ID for their iPhone and MacBook Pro will find the pairing process easier.

  • First, for those who haven't paired their AirPods to their iPhones yet, pair the audio device with the handset. This is done by opening the AirPods case (with the AirPods inside) and placing it beside an unlocked iPhone, waiting for the iPhone to recognize it, then following pairing instructions shown on the screen.
  • Second, once the AirPods are paired to the iPhone, it will start showing up in the MacBook Pro's speaker menu. This, again, only applies if the iPhone and MacBook Pro are logged onto the same Apple ID.

If using a different Apple ID on the MacBook Pro

If, for some reason, a person is using a different Apple ID for his MacBook Pro, he will need to pair the AirPods with it manually.

  • First, on the MacBook Pro, users should go to System Preferences then choose Bluetooth. Alternatively, MacBook Pro users can click on the Bluetooth icon on the menubar then choose Open Bluetooth Preferences. Once there, users should turn Bluetooth on.
  • Second, users should open the AirPods case lid and put the AirPods inside.
  • Third, users should keep the lid open and press and hold the reset button
  • Fourth, when the charging status light on the AirPods charging case flashes white, users should look for the AirPods from the list of devices shown on the MacBook Pro, then click on connect.
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