Officials in Tuscaloosa, Alabama - one of the hardest hit areas by severe thunderstorms and tornadoes on Wednesday - are bringing in cadaver dogs for search and rescue operations amid large piles of debris from damaged and destroyed structures.

Mayor Walt Maddox said Friday morning that the confirmed death toll in the college town was 38. Overall, the death toll is 204 in the state and nearly 300 overall across various states.

There is large debris that is out there, and it is going to require the use of cadaver dogs to continue the process of search and recovery, Maddox told reporters in a press conference Thursday evening, according to The Crimson White.

Heather McCollum, assistant to the mayor of Tuscaloosa put the death toll in the city at 42, said it could rise, according to Reuters, she said 900 were injured.

We are bringing in the cadaver dogs today, she said. She added that the city has received man offers of help from around the country.

There are various types of certification for dogs involved in search and rescue activities, including avalanche, evidence water, search, disaster and cadaver, according to the California Rescue Dog Association.

In Birmingham, Alabama, Cadaver dogs were searching the area for those who didn't survive, according to the Birmingham News.