An “alien moon base” is said to be quite visible in a photo shared by Vatican astronomists, one alien theorist said.

According to Scott Waring, an infamous UFOlogist who owns the website, he has found 100 percent proof that there are advanced alien camps or moon bases situated on the lunar surface. “I found some interesting alien structures on Earth’s moon in photos from the Vatican telescope. The photo is 26mb in size which easily shows a lot of detail that NASA often edits out. In the above screenshot I added yellow to the structures to make them stand out better,” Waring said in a post.

Per the UFOlogist, he found two distinct areas from the Vatican photos which he is positive are alien bases hiding in plain sight. “Clearly there are two structures in this photo that was overlooked. One structure has a massive open doorway. The other is sitting inside a crater. both near the shadows to help hide them,” he said.

Waring even reached out to Vatican astronomer Chris Cobally to offer his services in helping the scientist search for new evidence of alien life on the moon to which the astronomer replied, “Hi Scott, thank you for offering your services, but I've no need for finding such possible objects. Best wishes for your discoveries.”

The alien theorist wondered if the rejection was due to the fact that Cobally actually no longer needs help finding evidence of alien life because he has found a lot and not because he doesn’t really need Waring’s services.

Waring believes that his discovery would be a great plot for the next Dan Brown novel, the author who is known to favor storylines that involve the Vatican. “Maybe in the next Dan Brown novel about the Vatican he will write about the Vatican and their knowledge of the existence of aliens,” he said.

Waring has been seeing “signs” of alien life from various photos of the moon. A few months ago, the UFOlogist insisted that he has found pictures of abandoned airstrips on the lunar surface and that it is actually surrounded by modern buildings made of some sort of special metal.

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The US wants to return humans to the Moon by 2024 AFP / Laurent EMMANUEL