Allen Iverson has relived his iconic NBA Finals moment in a television ad for an Australian sports betting app.

Australia’s fastest growing online bookmaker PointsBet is on its way to breaking into the highly lucrative American market. In its newest TV ad, they had Philadelphia 76ers legend and phenomenal NBA star Iverson, also known as "The Answer," recreate his famous “step over,” one of the most memorable NBA Finals moments in history.

The ad features Iverson at a random sports bar with friends. After making a dramatic entrance, the 11-time NBA All-Star interacts with the crowd while using the PointsBet app on his phone to place in-game bets on the game they are watching.

The message clearly stated that betting on sporting events, especially with PointsBet, enhances the experience of watching a live game. In the end, Iverson can be seen recreating the “step over” with one of the people from the crowd.

Iverson’s step over is reminiscent of the moment he famously  stepped over Los Angeles Lakers’ Tyronn Lue  in the 2001 NBA Finals.

PointsBet has been active internationally for years. Undeniably, after sealing a deal with Iverson, it has become one of the more well-known sports betting apps in the U.S.

This isn’t the first time Iverson has starred in a PointsBet ad. Last year, in partnership with Fenton Stephens ad agency, he shocked sports fans after hilariously appearing as PointsBet’s all-seeing and all-knowing betting guru.

In the ad, two PointsBet executives were unable to crack the big idea and decided to ask "The Answer,” an advisor who no matter the question, he’s always got the answer. The ad had different variations but has the same “The Answer” concept.

Jess Wheeler, associate creative director and partner of Fenton Stephens, expressed their thoughts on a successful run in the U.S. market with the help of Iverson, Campaign Brief reported.

“We were thrilled to get the opportunity to help establish the PointsBet brand in the United States. And what a way to do it, by shooting a campaign in New York with Allen ‘The Answer’ Iverson. These briefs don’t come around every day, so we were determined to make the most of it and bring something fresh to a category that sorely needs it,” Wheeler said.

During his prime, Iverson had rivaled with the best shooting guards in the league including Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Ray Allen and Vince Carter. Despite being a bit shorter than the average player in his position,Iverson managed to dominate the league to become the 2001 NBA MVP. 

76ers guard Iverson holds up his jersey during a news conference announcing his return to the 76ers in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson holds up his jersey during a news conference announcing his return to the 76ers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 3, 2009 Photo: REUTERS