Amanda Dufner
Professional golfer Jason Dufner and former wife Amanda Boyd on the red carpet before the 2014 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, May 3, 2014. The pair were divorced in April 2015. Reuters/Lauren Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Tiger Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg firmly denied a rumor Wednesday that his client had an affair with Amanda Dufner, the ex-wife of fellow PGA Tour golfer Jason Dufner. The denial came just hours after a report claimed skier Lindsay Vonn broke up with Woods after she caught him cheating with Dufner.

Woods’ rumored affair with Amanda Dufner is “absolutely 100 percent false,” Steinberg told Fox News in an email. Steinberg added that report, released by the National Enquirer earlier Wednesday, was a “complete lie and fabrication."

Woods and Vonn dated for nearly three years in what was the golfer’s first public relationship since his widely-reported 2008 infidelity scandal. The pair “mutually decided” to end their relationship in May due to conflicting work schedules, Vonn said in statement posted to her Facebook page at the time.

But the National Enquirer, citing a source familiar with the situation, said Woods and Vonn actually split because he had an affair with Amanda Dufner “for months.”

“Even though Tiger dated Lindsay for years, he had a ‘thing’ for Amanda. At first, it was just innocent flirting, but earlier this year it became serious,” the source purportedly told the National Enquirer. The report further claimed Woods flew Amanda Dufner to stay with him in Seattle last month ahead of the U.S. Open, and that Jason Dufner was “devastated” when he learned of the alleged affair.

Amanda Dufner, 27, became a social media star after Jason Dufner won the 2013 PGA Championship. The pair got engaged in 2011 and married in 2012.

However, the Dufners separated in February and filed for divorce in March. The couple never gave an official explanation for their split, but cited an “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage” in divorce documents, reported. The divorce was finalized in April, with Amanda Dufner purportedly receiving a $2.5 million settlement.