When PGA golfer Jason Dufner won the 2013 PGA Championship on Sunday, his wife, Amanda Dufner, was thrust into the spotlight as well—but her first brush with fame probably isn’t what she had in mind.

Dufner, a 36-year-old golfer who originally gained national attention as the subject of the viral “Dufnering” meme, celebrated his two-stroke PGA Championship win by raising his fists in the air and walking over to embrace his wife, Amanda. However, their celebration took a scandalous turn when Dufner decided to give his wife a series of pats on the butt.

For her part, Amanda Dufner didn’t seem to notice (or care) that her husband had patted her backside on national television. Still, the embrace drew an immediate reaction from PGA Championship viewers, as media outlets and Twitter users alike rushed to post pictures, GIFs, and videos of the intimate moment.

According to a story by East Alabama Living, the couple met with Amanda, a student at the University of Alabama, was introduced to Jason Dufner, a graduate of Auburn University, by a mutual friend. Jason and Amanda enjoyed a memorable first date, but Dufner’s golf schedule prevented the pair from dating until a chance meeting on New Year’s Eve in New Orleans. The Dufners became engaged in 2011, and married a little over a year ago.

So far, Dufner seems to be too excited about his PGA Championship victory to comment on the butt squeeze seen ‘round the world. The 36-year-old took to Facebook after the win, posting several photos related to his first major title and thanking his wife Amanda for her support. “To be able to celebrate this victory with Amanda and my team has been reallying exciting. There’s been a lot of people behind me! I just want to share this moment with them the best I can!” Dufner wrote.